Research project in Kyrgyztan on COVID-19

A research project team called “Data school Kyrgyzstan” (Школа Данных Кыргызстан) composed of 7 people and based in Bishkek, has launched a project that gathers and analyzes data related to the outbreak of the pandemic in Kyrgyzstan.

The project provides an update on COVID-19 cases known in the country since March 18, 2020 until today, as well as different data analyses about the evolution of the pandemic in the country, the ratio of infected/cured patients, their age, their region of residence, etc. It also suggests healthcare policy recommandations.

Although the focus is primarily on quantitative data, the website of the project also publishes short articles on the situation of quarantine in Bishkek, and links to other stories on migrants from Kirghizstan and living (or at present rather surviving) abroad.

You can follow them on facebook as well. Have a look, they’re doing a very interesting and high quality job!

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