Support for Central Asian migrants in Russia

We, members of the REFPoM research project, who have been linked for many years with Central Asian migrants in Russia and mainly in the Moscow region, are organizing a fundraiser to support local initiatives that provide them with some support.

In Russia as elsewhere, the COVID-19 pandemic and containment measures particularly affect people in precarious situations. Central Asian migrants, whose working, housing and access to healthcare conditions are notoriously difficult, are among the vulnerable populations. Since the beginning of confinement, many migrants, holding precarious jobs and not benefiting from social protection, have been left without any income. In this situation, many are no longer able to pay their rent or buy food. Other employees in sectors where activity is maintained, are forced to work without elementary protection and therefore with very high exposure to COVID-19, putting their health at risk.

The information we obtained – provided by members of networks providing assistance to Central Asian migrants, as well as the significant amount of information accessible in the media note the very rapid deterioration of the living and working conditions of migrants in Russia, as well as the degradation of accessing healthcare (for more information, see the COVID section on our site).

Since the start of the pandemic, many initiatives by Central Asian people have emerged to support and help migrants living in hardship in Russia. Many of them are the work of individuals who have long been involved in legal, material, administrative and other kind of support for migrants, including the organization of collections for the repatriation of the deceased. Today, these initiatives have as their main mission to provide migrants in need with food and medicine. They also accompany them to find and finance hotel rooms in the event of eviction.

The collected funds will be donated to those organizations headed by people we have been working with for several years.

Please find here the link for donation

We thank you for your support.

Juliette Cleuziou (Univ. Lumière Lyon 2, LADEC), Lucia Direnberger (CNRS, Centre Maurice Halbwachs), Christilla Marteau d’Autry (LESC), Sandra Pellet (INED), Marine de Talancé (Univ. Paris Est Marne La Vallée, Erudite), Ariane Zevaco (CETOBaC).

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