COVID-19: The Diplomat compiles analyses of the situation country by country

The Diplomat, a magazine specialized in Asia-Pacific regions, published a compilation of the situations, country by country, developping three categories: “the good”/ “the bad”/ “the ugly”.

Read here in English:

In short, here are the contents of the analysis for Uzbekistan and Tajikistan:

Uzbekistan: “The Good” according to The Diplomat is that President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has been reacting quickly and efficiently since the first case appeared in the country mid-March. Borders and schools are closed, restrictions of movement are being implemented — although freights and deliveries are still authorized.

The Bad part: who knows if these restrictives measures regarding people’s freedom of movement will be suspended after the pandemic-related crisis stopped?

The magazine also suggests that “The Ugly” side of these policies are the severe punishments when violating restrictions (15 days imprisonnement or heavy fines when not wearing a mask).

Tajikistan: “The Good part” is that despite the absence of government orders, people have started working remotely since mid-March in prevention of the pandemic transmission. And Dushanbe claims to have hundred of tests.

The Bad part being in the fact that cases of death have appeared alreayd, although COVID 19 has not been confirmed as the cause of the death (despite high suspicions).

The Ugly part is that the government did not suspend Navruz (Persian New Year) celebrations that gathered hundred of people in the streets of the capital.

The Diplomat published the analysis on April 14th, before President Rahmon actually recognized the potential dangers of the virus, however quite late (on April 17th). He then recommended people aged above 65 to sit at home, and everyone not to panic and to follow measures of sanitary protections.

Read in Russian:

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