Putin encourages migrants to go back to work, money transfers reverse

The Ambassador of Tajikistan in Russia suggested that migrants who lost their job in Russia could find new jobs in domains such as construction, food delivery and transportation, or agriculture.

Read here in Russian: https://mir24.tv/news/16406008/posol-tadzhikistana-v-rossii-nesmotrya-na-pandemiyu-rabochie-ruki-vostrebovany

Putin advised regional leaders to adopt flexible measures regarding construction sites, and not to interrupt them on a systematic basis (after they entirely stopped in Moscow and Moscow region between April 13th and 19th). Under the pressure of Russian entrepreneurs and fears of the complete breakdown of the economic growth, Putin suggests that migrants could go back to work instead of staying confined. Many of them also lost their job and are now stuck in Russia after borders closed.

Read here in Russian: https://asiaplustj.info/news/tajikistan/society/20200417/putin-posovetoval-rukovoditelyam-regionov-vernut-migrantov-iz-samoizolyatsii-na-stroiki

Unistream (a Russian based money transfer agency) says that in March 2020, and as compared to January 2020, money transfers from CIS countries (above all from Armenia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan) to Russia have increased by 47% – families support their relatives in Russia; while remittances sent from Russia (especially to Armenia, Belorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) have decreased by 11%.

Read here in Russian: https://iz.ru/1000052/natalia-ilina/granitca-korony-perevody-iz-sng-v-rossiiu-v-marte-vyrosli-na-47

Russian Government allowed migrants to work with 3-month expired patents. From March 15th till June 15th, they won’t have to pay for patent, which in Moscow and Moscow region costs about 70€/month

Read here in Russian: https://www.rod-pravo.org/gastarbajteram-razreshili-tri-mesyaca-rabotat-po-prosrochennym-patentam/

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